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MALTA: "The Three Villages" (3) - BALZAN

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"The Three Villages" in Malta are made up of Lija, Attard and Balzan. This photo-video looks at Balzan's picturesque village, some historical buildings and its quaint narrow streets and alleys.

The Balzan motto is "Hortibus undique septa" (surrounded by gardens). Balzan is equally renowned for its orchards laden with the fresh scents of citrus fruits.

The earliest records of dwellings in Balzan date back to 1419. Balzan is now the home of 3900 inhabitants.

Balzan became a parish in 1655. The first parish church is still in existence. The present parish church was built in 1688, dedicated to the Annunciation of Our Lady. The titular statue shows Archangel Gabriel announcing to Mary. It was made of wood by Salv Dimech (Is-Sarc) in 1868.
There are two band clubs in Balzan - Mary the Annunciation Philharmonic Society established in 1890 as Circolo LAnnunziata and extended to became a band club in 1994. St. Gabriel Band Club established in 1920

Another prime organization is the Ghaqda Piroteknika 25 ta' Marzu which is responsibled for the beautiful fireworks.

The Youth Center of Balzan are volunteers who are very active in various activites including the folkloristic ones. There are also several religious organizations which provide education and assistance to their village people.

Thanks to Saviour Deguara and Daniel Muscat for their kind info and photos.

Photos by Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech
Video by Alfred and Jasmine Grech, Mosta, Malta.

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Frank said...

Thank you for posting these videos to your website. My grandfather was from Balzan; and, although I've seen photos of his village before, I never had such a detailed tour like this. I can't wait to visit.


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