Monday, August 12, 2013

Gabriel Caruana - Artist


Gabriel Caruana is a Maltese born ceramist and sculptor who has exhibited his work in various countries including Great Britain, USA, Germany, Holland and Italy. Gabriel Caruana studied in Malta, Italy and the USA, and also under the well known British artist Victor Pasmore.
His works are represented in various collections and Museums both in Malta and in other countries. The Maltese Government honored him with the presentation of a Medal for Artistic Achievement in 1999.
The artist was born in Balzan, Malta in 1929, his career spans thirty years of intensive artistic activity and travels. Early in his artistic career he showed a marked preference for the international modern art movement and as a result the traditional element has never been part of his work. He works in a variety of media exploiting their possibilities to the fullest extent but he truly excels in the medium of ceramics.
He was among the pioneers of modern art in Malta and his works have found recognition both in Malta and abroad. He has held solo exhibitions in Malta, England, Italy and Switzerland and has shown his work in group exhibitions in Osaka, Detroit, Munich, Tripoli, London, Israel, Melbourne, and several times in Malta. He has participated several times in the International Competition of Artistic Ceramics in Faenza, Italy and his works can be found at the International Museum of Ceramics of Faenza, at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, at City of Manchester Art Gallery, and, at the National Museum of Fine Arts Malta. He has a studio in Rome and another one in Malta

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