Thursday, July 26, 2012

Peter Paul Buttigieg's Gibraltar Family

Well, calling didn't work.  Out of the 19 numbers I could only speak to 3 two of which could not speak english.  Once I started talking I was o.k. because the people I spoke to were really nice.  I got nowhere though so today I'm going to try and get ahold of the National Archives and the person in charge Dennis Beiso.  He is a very helpful man and also very busy.  I believe he can easily track the Buttigieg's as I have the date of arrival.  My Peter Paul Buttigieg family came to Gibraltar in May of 1889.  It's fairly easy to locate the relatives 100 years ago because alot of records are available through the LDS church in Salt Lake City, Utah (see below) but finding the living is another story. 

The LDS hold microfilms of the following records, which can be ordered and viewed at one of their Family History Centres for a fee:

Church of England records

Bishop's transcripts for Gibraltar Anglican Chaplaincy, 1807-1812. Rites performed by Anglican clergy for British military stationed on Gibralter. (Outside the time period you're interested in though I know)

Roman Catholic

Parish registers, 1704-1991. These cover births, marriages and deaths for the following churches:

Catholic Church. Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned (Gibraltar)
Catholic Church. Sacred Heart of Jesus (Gibraltar)
Catholic Church. Our Lady of Sorrows (Gibraltar)
Catholic Church. St. Theresa (Gibraltar)


Daniel Buttigieg said...

Did you ever complete this? I am a Buttigieg that lives in Manchester, England and my grandparents (Buttigieg) are from Gibralter and my Great Grandparents are from Malta.

Would be interesting to see if my Buttigieg family is relevant

Malta Made said...

I would love to talk to you about a possible connection. Reach out to my email and give me your private email and phone number. Looking forward to talking to you. Carmen


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